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One of the most popular iPhone accessories, and owned by nearly all iPhone owners is a set of iPhone headphones. Until recently many third party headphone jacks were unsuitable for the iPhone, however this is now changing and is therefore leaving the iPhone owners a wider selection of headphones to choose from for their iPhone.

Depending on your personal choice, and reason for connecting your iPhone with headphones it will vary as to the best choice for you, but the main things to look for when selecting a set of iPhone headphones stars with, as already mentioned, ensuring they are compatible with your iPhone ?especially the jack connection, but then another factor to look at is the ability to switch between calls with the headphones. Some models require an additional adapter for this at an extra expense of around $50.

The next things to consider with your purchase of iPhone headphones would be looking to see if they have a built in microphone if you wish to use them for making and receiving calls and not just media purposes, also, the sound quality is something to consider. The bundle pack iPhone headphones aren terrible with their quality however they aren the greatest at blocking ambient sound so if you are going to purchase an additional set of headphones you need to be sure that you cater for this criteria.

And then it comes down to personal choice as to which style of headphones you wish to use with your iPhone, whether you prefer over the ear or in the ear headphones. I personally find that although the over the ear style can in some cases be a little uncomfortable they are better for blocking the ambient sound, and in many cases provide a better sound quality with a better spread of bass.

Once you have purchased your iPhone headphones, which can be done from an online iPhone store you will need to keep up with the maintenance of them ?this is especially the case with in the ear styles, as it is a common issue to have the need to replace the ear buds, this can also be done for the users comfort. With the behind the ear, or over the ear styles it is common for the plastic frame to become bent or snapped, and most iPhone accessory stores will stock replacements for this instance.

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