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iPhone 4S Fullscreen Mirror Blue Complete Front Screen / Black Frame

Features and Specifications

* Includes earpiece screen filter
* Fullscreen Mirror Blue Front Screen Assembly with Black Frame
* Brand New High Quality iPhone 4S Digitizer Touch Panel Screen With LCD Display Screen + Flex Cable + Supporting Frame
* Quality material, premium craftsmanship
* Fullscreen Mirror Blue iPhone 4S Front Assembly with Retina Display
* Replace your Apple iPhone 4 broken, damaged or cracked screen with a custom new one
* 100% Perfect fit

Product Description

This Fullscreen Mirror iPhone 4S Digitizer Touch Panel Glass Screen With LCD Display Screen, Flex Cable, Supporting Frame (Black) includes everything needed to replace a damaged glass with LCD display with just one piece. All vital parts are included: front glass + digitizer + retina LCD display + supporting frame. Just unplug the damaged screen, plug in this new one and you’re good to go.
Package Contents

* 1 x iPhone 4S Fullscreen Mirror Blue Complete Front Screen on Black Frame


Actual color tone may slightly vary due to monitor calibration.

Friendly Reminder: Special skill and techniques required for proper installation.
Think twice before you disassemble your iPhone.

NOTE: Our company is not responsible for any damage caused by installation of this accessory!

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